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With the Steel Column 2 Point command is used to draw , a steel column is drawn by clicking two points in any working plane, plan or perspective window.


  • Click the steel column 2 point icon from the ribbon menu.

  • The steel column toolbar will be opened.

  • While in the perspective window, click any monk to give the first point of the column. The preview of your colon will change with the movement of your mouse.

  • Place your mouse cursor over your second point, your beam, and a preview of your column will be created.

  • You can change the column handle by pressing the spacebar on the keyboard.

  • Click the left mouse button to give your second point. The program will create a preview of your next column.

  • Press esc to exit the command.

Usage step

Creating the first point of the steel column on the perspective screen

Image Modified

Moving the mouse over the beam for the second point of the column and creating the column preview

Image Modified

Changing the handle point by pressing the spacebar on the keyboard

Image Modified

Creating the second point of the column and creating a preview for the new column

Image Modified

Steel column 2-point steel column forming process completed

Image Modified


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