Steel Connection Design

Steel connection design is made automatically according to the regulations of Design, Calculation and Construction Principles of Steel Structures (ÇYTHYEDY) (GKT and YDKT), AISC 360-16 (ASD and LRFD). With ideCAD Structural, steel connection calculation, bolt checks, welding checks and plate checks are made automatically in accordance with the connection type and regulations.

  • Steel Connection design can be classified into 3 categories:

1- The classification according to moment strength is grouped under 3 sections: full strength, partial strength, and hinge.

2- According to roteational rigidity, it is divided into 3, which are rigid, semi-rigid and hinged.

3- According to the rotational capacity, it is classified as highly and moderately ductile.

  • The computational rules related to moment-resisting and hinged connections are explained in the relevant sub-sections.

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