Create a Project

In this section, you can open a new project using a template and add a new floor.

To open a new project using a template;

  • Click on the new project icon.

  • Click the Start using template in the new project dialog.

  • Click on New templates and select the White Background project option.

  • Click the Open button.

  • The project with a white background template will open.

In the project you have just opened, the base story will be defined. To add the 1st story to the project;

  • Click on the Home menu Story Settings icon.

  • The Stories dialog will open.

  • Change it if the default height is not 300 cm.

  • Click the add above button.

  • The first story with a height of 300 cm will be defined.

  • When you click the OK button, the story definition process will be completed.

Follow the steps of the video below.


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