Soil Layers

For pile foundations, it is necessary to define the soil layers related to the ground on which the pile foundations will be built.

Enter the ground height values ​​that apply across the pile foundation. The top level of the ground layers is the project zero level entered in the story general settings and is defined from top to bottom.

Location of the Soil Layers Command

Ribbon menu in the Settings tab in Settings can be accessed from the title.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Soil Layers icon.

  • The soil layers dialog will open.

  • For different layers along a certain height in the dialog , make the definitions by entering the parameters of soil layer height, bedding coefficient, vertical spring factor, adhesion factor, undrained shear resistance for each layer, respectively .

  • Close the dialog by clicking the OK button.

In a project with a pile foundation defined, if the soil layers are not defined before the analysis, the program will automatically open the soil layers dialog during the analysis and wait for the user to define the layers.

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