Creating a Composite Deck Slab

Trapezoidal sheet composite slab is created with Composite Slab command .Trapezoidal sheet composite slab is the load-transferring elements drawn between steel beams and on secondary beams. According to the working principle, the lower end of the trapezes and the heads of the secondary beams should be connected to each other at 90°.

Location of Composite Slab Command

You can access it under the ribbon menu, Steel tab, Steel title.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Composite Slab icon from the ribbon menu .

  • The slab for steels toolbar will open.

  • Click on the settings icon on the far right. In the window that opens, there are parameters of the trapezoidal geometry, concrete cover thickness, shear nail tensile strength, and load information parameters with and without pillars during the construction phase.

  • The selection should start with the selection of a steel beam parallel to the secondary beams and a closed polygon should be created. The reason is the composite slab load transfer principle described above.

  • Choose the first of the steel beams.

  • You have selected the steel beams to form a closed polygon and finish by right clicking on the last beam.

  • Your trapezoidal sheet composite slab will be formed.

Usage step

Usage step

Area to create composite slab

Choosing the first steel beam

Choosing the second, third and fourth steel beam to form a closed polygon

The formation of trapezoidal sheet composite slab

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