Creating a Crane

With the crane command, cranes for lifting loads are created.

Location of the Crane Command

You can access it under the ribbon menu, Steel tab, Macro heading.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Crane icon from the ribbon menu.

  • On the facade you want to make a crane, click on the two columns to be defined.

  • After clicking, the program will wait for you to click on the 3rd column.

  • At this stage, you can create a crane on a second line parallel to the line you clicked first. When you click on the 3rd column, there will be parallel cranes. Or you can click the 3rd column on the same line in the 3rd column stage. In this case, a single crane will be formed along the selected line.

Usage step

Usage step

Choosing 3 columns for crane

If the 3rd column is clicked parallel to the first two columns, the formation of parallel cranes

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