Insufficient Reinforcement on Slabs

This message is created at the beginning of the report by giving the element name and solid.

For example, D101 1st Floor Reinforcement Insufficient

In the element whose name and solid is given, it means that the reinforcement amount that will meet the reinforcement area calculated due to the design effects or the regulation could not be selected.

Flat, pleated, additional reinforcements may be insufficient in floors.

Possible solutions:

Uncheck DS (reinforcement fixing) in the reinforced concrete dialogs.

  • You can increase the reinforcement diameters that can be used for the relevant element in the Reinforcement Selection dialog.

  • By increasing the dimensions of the relevant element, you can reduce the amount of reinforcement needed.

  • In the element reinforced concrete dialog, you can give the required amount of reinforcement yourself by looking at which type of reinforcement the missing reinforcement has been created.

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