Creating a Steel Stair

A steel stair is created with the Steel Stair Macro command.

Location of Steel Stair Macro Command

You can access it under the Ribbon menu Steel tab Macro .

Usage Steps

  • Click the Steel Stair Macro icon.

  • Click on the settings icon from the toolbar that opens and make the settings such as the length, height, step count of the stair you will create.

  • Click the OK button to close the settings dialog.

  • Move your mouse to the point where you want to place the stair and press the left button.

  • The stair preview will be fixed. When you move the mouse, the stair will rotate around the clicked point depending on the mouse movement.

  • You can change the stair placement point with the spacebar.

  • When you click the left mouse button a second time, your stair will be created.

Usage step

Usage step

The facade to be built with stairs

Changing the landing lengths to 100, the stair length to 500, the height to 250, the width to 100, and the step count to 14

Adjusting the left edge section

Adjusting the right edge section

Adjusting the step section

Clicking with the left mouse button on the point where the stair is to be placed

Stair preview generation and rotation based on mouse movement

Changing the stair insertion point with the spacebar

Determining the second point of the stair

Formation of steel stair

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