Get the ideYAPI Building Information Model

The architectural project was implemented in the project file called Get the ideYAPI Building Information Model. Download the project and start the static project.

There is no need to create a model again for the structural calculations of architectural projects prepared with ideCAD Architectural. Because the Building Information Model was created at the architectural project stage of the projected building. At the end of the design work, the engineer receives from the architect a project consisting of elements whose parameters are almost completely determined.

All building objects such as walls, columns, beams, foundations, stairs, zones etc. are common to both professions. The architectural project and the structural model are in the same database. There is no data loss during analysis and design.

  • Click the ideCAD logo in the upper left corner of the program.

  • Click the open icon.

  • Select the file you downloaded and click the Open button.

  • The entire architectural project will be uploaded.

Follow the steps of the video below.


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