Adding/Deleting Partitions

When the scaffolding is first created, partitions will be according to your unit size. With the Partition count setting, a partition is added later or an existing partition is deleted.

Location of Partition Count Setting

Select the scaffolding you want to add/delete and click the right mouse button. Click Properties from the right-click menu that opens.

You can also access the scaffolding settings dialog by double-clicking on your scaffolding with the left mouse button.

Usage Steps

  • Select the scaffolding you will add and enter its settings.

  • Increase the number of partitions in the scaffolding tab. For example, change the count of partitions from two to four.

  • Click the OK button to close the dialog.

  • Partitions will be added to your scaffolding.

  • You can delete existing partitions by reducing the count of partitions.

Before increasing the count of partitions

After increasing the count of partitions

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