Editing Scaffolding Banister

Scaffolding railings are arranged with the scaffolding banister settings. The banister settings from the scaffolding settings dialog braces tab.

Location of Banister Settings

Select the scaffolding for which you want to change the banister settings and click the right mouse button. Click Properties from the right-click menu that opens .

You can also access the scaffolding settings dialog by double-clicking on your scaffolding with the left mouse button.

Usage Steps

  • Enter the scaffolding settings dialog.

  • Enter the braces tab.

  • Select the partition and the stories where the banister settings will be changed.

  • Change banister type and parameters.

  • Click the OK button to close the dialog.

  • Your scaffolding will change according to the changes you make.

Scaffolding view before changing banister settings

Scaffolding view after changing banister type

Scaffolding view after changing banister count to 2

Scaffold view after changing banister height value to 60, bottom offset to 10

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